10 dating mistakes guys make

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"If you invite her out on a fancy dinner date and show up with arms full of roses, chocolates, and teddy bears like you're celebrating the biggest Valentine's Day ever, you're putting a lot of pressure on her if you two aren't already an item," Tran explains. "Women in my office complain all the time that the men in their lives don't ask any questions, and aren't actually interested in the answers when they do," says Thomas.

"You've taken care of her, so she's going to wonder what you her to do to take care of you." Upping the ante so quickly forces her to make an uncomfortable choice: Does she go along with your crazy charade, or does she bail? Talking about yourself Everyone loves to talk about themselves. True story: If you ask her something about herself, be prepared to actually engage—if you don't, you look like a jerk who's only interested in himself and his own agenda.

"On the fourth date, you should pause and give her a moment to jump in," Thomas says.

"It's like trying to land a multi-million dollar account," Cardone says."Say you both have an awful boss, or your company is going through changes.Don't mistake that closeness for attraction." Your move: Ask her out, outside of the office. Going all in, right away Some women love over-the-top romantic gestures; some don't.Rattling off your résumé Regaling her with tales of the amazing things you do or have done may seem like a surefire way to impress her—or not."Guys are socialized to believe that their value lies in what they do," Thomas says.

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