10 dating tips

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Kara specializes in coaching feminist women and gender non-conforming individuals who believe in equality, but still have trouble acting in ways that match those beliefs.

Her goal is to help people change the way they feel about what they’re feeling, and to recognize that the stories they tell themselves “I work with people who know they ‘should’ feel confident, but secretly worry that the reason they don’t have a partner is that there is something wrong with them,” she tells me.

Whether you’re the type who’s hot and passionate or cool and laid-back, the same rules apply. Have the confidence to get closer to the person you like by starting with an inviting smile and fresh breath.

Yo can achieve both with Closeup, available in Red Hot for that Intense Freshness, and Menthol Fresh for that Cooling Freshness.

The only way to find out if your bravery will be rewarded is if you actually make your move.

She just joined Twitter but has been taking annoying vacation photos on Instagram for some time @buffalobailey.

Next time you go on a date, Kara advises you ask yourself, “So much of the conventional dating advice out there teaches us to play games, manipulate and not be ourselves in order to snare a partner,” Kara says. A partner who likes a fake version of you.”“This strategy only makes sense if you care more about getting a partner than you do about what kind of relationship you’re going to have with that person.” It’s an impetus that’s not conducive to intimacy, which she describes as “the whole point of a relationship.”What I love about Kara’s dating advice is that it focuses on what I can control.

It used to feel emotionally risky to sign up for Tinder, much less dress up and grab a drink with an Internet stranger.

Just be yourself Yes, it’s a cliché; but, really, if you think about it, you’re not the only one nervous about going out on a date—your partner is, too.

The more authentic you are about how you present yourself, the more relaxed the date is going to be.

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