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This sounds plausible, since the only way he could have an IRA worth between million and 0 million, which can only happen if he undervalued the assets he put into it.I used to think that he couldn't have done anything that underhanded, or he would have gotten caught. There are two things that I find intriguing or convincing in this debate.The public is supposed to be vetting him for the presidency.I think the most likely theory is that he paid a very low tax rate (like low single digits) for several years.Romney has chosen to release only two years' worth of returns.Assuming he truly wants to win, he must believe that the damage from not releasing more returns will be less than the damage from releasing them.Imagine how little he paid in years that he doesn't think will see the light of day.

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It's going to be in a lot of campaign ads in September and October, and it's unlikely to help if he releases them at that point. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. I don't know how much this has been covered in other threads, but I keep seeing news stories about how Romney only released tax returns from the past two years, and how people keep urging him to release more, including many Republicans urging him.It doesn't help that most other politicians release a lot more.I believe Pawlenty released more when he was running last year, so if Romney picked him for VP, that would definitely be brought up a lot about how we would know more about the VP than the actual candidate. Because no matter how bad the thing is that he's trying to hide by not releasing the returns, I would think it can't be any worse than the rampant speculation that's going on about it.

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