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17) and that the abbey was founded within her territories and was endowed by Leofric with lands in Warwickshire and elsewhere. 25) and with the area of about 1,000 acres contained by the boundary described in Richard II's charter of 1399, which included the suburbs then existing. 26) The abbey's endowments in the neighbourhood of Coventry were distinguished in 1086 as Binley and the greater part of Coundon and of Sowe. 27) There is thus no evidence in Domesday that the abbey then held any lands, apart from its own precinct, within Coventry. 28) Soon after 1086 the whole city was granted to the earls of Chester, (fn.

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33) show that they followed within the town approximately the line of the boundary between the two halves with little variation through the centuries until St. In either 1107 or 1111 he substantiated before the king his claim to liberties and customs within and without Coventry.4) which passed through Swanswell Pool, formed a network of small waterways. Osburg's Pool (the site of which was later marked by Pool Meadow), (fn.The River Sowe, which crosses the southeastern quarter of the modern city from north-east to south-west, is joined by the Sherbourne at a point 2 miles south of the city centre, and itself flows into the River Avon near Stoneleigh, outside the city boundary. 6) and Bablake were low-lying watery or marshy areas. 7) to pieces of land called suggest that marshy land was a common feature.It is therefore desirable that at the outset they and other significant aspects of Coventry's history should be described in outline. 21) and were then being farmed of the king by one Nicholas. 24) then the area of Coventry in 1086 was about 1,000 acres.Before the making of the Domesday Survey there is no recorded mention of any individual place in the district of Coventry except Coventry itself, although it is clear from the evidence of place-names that many of the surrounding hamlets were, like Coventry, of Saxon origin. 15) About 1043 a Benedictine house, consisting of an abbot and 24 monks, was founded there by Leofric, Earl of Mercia, and the Countess Godgifu (Godiva), his wife. 16) It is highly probable that the whole of Coventry belonged to Godiva in her own right, (fn. This figure may be compared with the 200 or so acres enclosed within the 14th-century walls (fn.

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