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"He went out of his way to help me by driving to my home to hook up the water so I could wash clothes. " Pet sitters and pooper scoopers don't require a tip, but they say it's appreciated.

"I've had people give me gift cards for fuel or coffee," says Jim Skirvin, owner of K-9 Scooper in Fairfield, Ohio.

"Sometimes, referrals from family, friends and co-workers are the greatest tip of all," says Jennifer Miller, co-owner of A Do Hair Design in Indianapolis.

Below are some popular service categories in which most individuals often consider leaving a tip.

Al hacer clic o navegar en el sitio, aceptas que recopilemos información dentro y fuera de Facebook mediante las cookies.When to tip and how much to tip can cause anxiety for some people.While some might feel compelled to tip just about everyone, others are more selective."If customers ask me about tipping, I tell them that it's never required, but would always be appreciated," says Linda Rabenberg, owner of Linda Rombach Personalized Cleaning in St. "We don't expect tips because I pay my employees well, and house cleaning is fairly expensive to begin with." Rabenberg says nearly all her clients leave a holiday tip or gift, which might consist of a box of chocolates or a monetary bonus equal to double the amount of the house cleaner's regular fee."During the rest of the year, very few customers tip," she says.

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