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It is a thinly veiled exercise in condescending bigotry. Unlike the future if we let the author and her friends in Remain be in charge – which will be one where we all have options and choices. Ah, so the lizard brained cowards are allied with White, small-town Tories?

The bigot’s eye view of all those who she lumps together in her glib and condescending description of parochial, lizard-brained, stupid people who are full of fear and empty of concern except for their pensions. I think this is a reference to John Major’s cricket playing idyll.

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Or at least not in places where lovely people have options and choices. A rabble roused from their depressed, knackered, burned out lives in sea-side towns, former factory heart lands (that’s London chattering class code for the midlands and north). The chattering class, when they get together and do democracy, they do it with panache and style. And I wouldn’t chose to read either JK Rowling or Enid Blyton.

And, from the description below, they are evidently working class and quite possibly old! There are huge areas of post-industrial decline and neglect where people are more furious than Cameron and his ilk could possibly understand, areas where any kind of antiestablishment rabble-rousing sounds like a clarion call. When the rest of us do it we’re just a knackered, depressed rabble. I have completely other tastes, other concerns, other ideas.

I think Ms Penny might need to get out of London a little more often and widely. She does eventually get round to something approximating an insight.

A more detrimental reality exist for those living with HIV, affected by HIV, and for those in the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, and Queer (LGTBQ) community.

Living with HIV By: Valencia Beckley Hildreth It’s been over a week since Election Day 2016; and while those who voted for Trump bask in the reality of his victory, new realities exist for those who did not vote for him or, for those who did not vote at all.

Please read the whole thing to assure yourself I am not ‘taking things out of context’. So not the urban metropolitans who write for the New Statesmen and live, as she tells us she does, in London? A lower form of life that has not got the higher mammalian ability to care for others. For someone who seems to want to claim the caring high- ground for herself, as opposed to the lizard-brained lower forms of ‘them’, she seems quite quick to resort to ‘them and us’.

Laurie Penny begins by describing the vote as a victory of, Straight out of the gate, Ms Penny suggests that Remain was guided by ‘common sense’, while Leave and its voters were ruled by prejudice, naked xenophobia or craven fear. Apparently the referendum was a painful catastrophe of good people with common sense, being smothered by a mob of stupid people. Does the author have an inkling where this stupidity lurks? And this lizard-brained, lack of caring goes along with a selfish concern with their own personal welfare. No room here for different reasons, different thinking, different world views.

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