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THE WORLD OF FANZINES by Fredric Wertham MD (1974).My fanzine is directly referenced at least 9 times - only 2 of which made it into his woefully incomplete index and of these references, one is to a wrong page.COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE July 1996 Gemstone Publishing, "The First Superman Cover," detailing my efforts at saving, restoration & preservation of Joe Shuster's original 1933 cover for Humor Publishing Company in 1971 which languished lost for decades till I had it published for the first time.COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #46 April 1997 Gemstone Publishing "The Atomic Genre" detailing perceptions and depictions of atomic energy and atomic bomb explosions in American comic books 1939-1960s with a lot of depth in the few years right after World War Two and then again when the first H-Bomb was exploded in 1953.BERKELEY CON 1973 program book; Rick Griffin cover; first creator-owned oriented comics convention ever held as well as the first ever held in the Bay Area.Virtually every alternative comix creator & publisher attended this ground-breaking event on the UC Berkeley campus.The collapse of Leader News due to backlash against EC comics brought them down.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #27 (1997, Gemstone Maryland), "The American Comic Book 1897-1932. Tweens and teens are experiencing disturbing levels of, violence in their dating relationships, but only half recognize the warning signs of.Presidential Proclamation, National Teen Dating Violence. , The consequences of dating violence, spanning impaired development to, physical harm, pose a threat a33 forum chat games dating info club photo manara the health and well-being of teens. OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #29 (1999, Gemstone Publishing, Maryland) with Richard D. OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #30 (2000, Gemstone Publishing, Maryland) with Richard Olson, Ph D, "The American Comic Book: 1842-1933: Beyond the Platinum Age" provides further details of American comic books dating back to 1842 as well as many significant rediscoveries during the past year of heretofore unknown comic strip compilations dating before World War One along with "The American Comic Book: "1933-Present The Golden Age And Beyond: Origins of the Modern Comic Book" co-written with Richard Olson Ph D Published March 2000. Olson, Ph D, connections as well as other expansions from my 1997 article. The Golden Age and Beyond: The Origin of The Modern Comic Book: pages 226-233 providing "new" information not previously in any other history tome on the subject.

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