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Business is so competitive that even a BHP could lose half its value due a competitor having better management or changing circumstances.Look at qantas as example, when the going got tough, other airlines lifter their game while qantas almost disappeared due management's lack of foresight. I say yes Buy & hold is nether lucrative nor safe anymore, if you don't have the time or don't want to trade then you are better off in a managed fund.just managed to cover my shorts but didn't manage many new longs that I'm comfortable with.

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Wed & Thu looked like the beginning of a controlled correction but by Fri things got flat again.

I then determine lower and upper ranges of the stocks or instruments I intend to trade using my own algorithms, I use these to set my limit orders for that day, stops are set based on what's available to loose .

I'm done by 10am and failing any new major event I'm done till tomorrow.

News are important as this will tell you whether an event is continuing or a one off.

I also look at Routers news specific to stocks I flagged.

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