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I was still trying to keep it alive -- flowers, dinners out, a weekend away. Deanna was speechless -- she could see some dam had broken, but was clueless about what was going on. Your father and I need some time," she instructed our eldest, who was watching slack jawed. Other times I just wanted to retreat -- hole up somewhere by myself and retreat from humanity entirely. Then I thought of my kids, and the pain came from the impact to them, and the realization that no matter what happened, I would never be free of Deanna. I felt out of control -- not the kind where you want to do damage, although there was some of that, but the kind where your life is happening to you, rather than you making it happen. So I took a bunch more deep breaths, thought frantically for a story to tell my slut wife, and exited the bathroom. I'd dated his wife before he'd arrived on the scene and I definitely got the impression he was not wildly thrilled about that. So the appointment was at ten am, and when I was shown into his office, he was all smiles and hand clasping, as well he might be, given how much business I'd pushed his way with Dresdin and other companies looking for legal assistance. I don't know if it was because it meant I'd be back on the market and therefore competition for his wife in his mind, or because he didn't want to see a couple he knew break up. He wasn't going to have anything to do with it anyway. I'm here more for advice on who I should see about this. Can you give me a list of the best within, oh, ten miles, and then the ten best in Chicago? " The entire point here is that once I've had the one hour free initial consultation with each, it means I have a prior relationship with that law firm, and therefore it would be a conflict of interest for them to take her case. " So we had coffee and it was all very civilized and I could see how he was restraining himself from asking more details that he desperately wanted to know. This is just personal and very close to home and I need to tread carefully here. I'm sure Angie would want to offer you her support, too." That was unexpected.I spent hours trying to get her the right thing for Christmas last year -- agonized over what to get. She might love me in some way, but the love of her life? Initially she made a joke, saying weakly, "Hey now, it's just a work out device. " I just looked at her, bawled some more, and abruptly got up and headed to the bathroom. Paula gathered up the others, with some complaining from Jamie who was in the middle of playing Lego Starwars on the Xbox. I had started to get myself under control and was breathing heavily, just looking at myself in the mirror. My wife was intent on betraying me and our family in the worst possible way, and what's more, she was getting off on the prospect of being caught. She would always be there, as their mother, always reminding me of what she'd done. You are in complete reaction mode and not able to actually effect events, just react to them. All the time I had purpose when I was tracking down the facts, conspiring to trap Crystal and get the details, well, now I had them, and I had to decide what to do. His wife, Angie, and Deanna were friendlier, doing shopping trips and so on. I was basically stripping Deanna of legal resources before she could get to them. Before I left, I felt it necessary to say, "This is covered by confidentiality, right? I don't want this to get back to Deanna just yet." Jonathan actually looked hurt at that. I'm sorry I impugned on your professionalism." He hesitated and then said, "It's ok, I understand. I felt like perhaps I had misjudged Jonathan Bruty.I went upstairs and marveled at how calm and collected she was. In the end, I taped it to the underside of her bedside cabinet.I didn't really expect to get anything from the recorders at home, but I wanted to be thorough.She was offering me a mercy fuck, after probably spending the day in bed with her lover. She's got this entire other life with this asshole and I have had no hint of it.

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She was off gallivanting with this guy, I was getting the short end of the stick, so she'd bought me a gift to feel better about it. I wept for our marriage, for the fact that it was over. I'm sure Deanna wondered at that, but it wouldn't be long and I'd not have to answer to her questions any more.

After that, I got dressed in sweats, went downstairs and had dinner.

It was the usual rambunctious affair, with three children competing for our attention.

She whispered in my ear, "You've been home two days and we've not seen each other.

Lets send the rabble to bed early and go snuggle down ourselves." Looking at her, I saw her so differently now.

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