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Over the last five years, Applicam has considerably enhanced its service offering by developing an innovative, multi-service e-money platform that is compatible with a variety of media (paper, card, mobile) and channels (paper, web, mobile).As a result, it is now a leader in managing funding and subsidies for local authorities, fuel cards in Africa and for local authorities with its various platforms, such as, for example, access management for sports and leisure centres.Chiarezza is one of the four main Italian insurance aggregators.The market is a fast-growing, stimulated by the development of direct insurers and the increase in market share of the Internet channel in direct insurers’ customer acquisition.The company is specialized in Insurance Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) (premium collection, reimbursement of medical expenses, customer services), ITO (licensing, Software as a Service and Project management.Historically specialist on health insurance BPO, Owliance has widened its platform and entered 2 key industries.

Kepler Cheuvreux benefits from strategic partnerships with CA-CIB, Uni Credit and Rabobank and is recognized as the alternative to global players.Comparadise is a French online agreggator specialized on the financial products.Comparadise offers free online services that enable Internet users to compare a wide range of insurance and credit quotes for individuals and SME.You Transactor is a French digital merchant service provider, designer of the u Cube, a fully certified m POS device, and the u Cube 100, a professional smartphone certified for payments.These payment terminals are integrated into u Cloud, an end-to-end turnkey solution for merchants to accept customer-present banking card payments.

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