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Pip made it by ounces, but, then, no one weighed him. There are hotels that furnish personalized dog tags inscribed with the hotel contact information.

He was also required to have a microchip and rabies vaccination, plus the U. One offers a “team of butlers” to take pets for “a special journey.” We didn’t tell Pierre about that one.

A dog, we figured, could offset a lot of inevitable touristy behavior on our part.

(As for language skills, Susan is fluent enough to get through a French dinner party if the discussion doesn’t get too rarefied, while N. is still trying to recall his high school lessons.) There was an issue.

Turns out if your dog fits inside a bag, he’s good to go. The good thing is, French dog owners found his behavior comical.We understood that dogs can ride the Metro, but to make sure we asked a booth attendant.Uncertain, she ushered us to a giant board containing what seemed like thousands of Metro regulations.For a while, motorized pooper scoopers used to vacuum them up. Now you’re supposed to handle the job yourself or fines can reach hundreds of euros.We packed plenty of plastic bags — Susan’s last Zumba class, instead of granola bars, happened to offer free dispensers full of them — and did our part.

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