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"I keep myself to myself so I don’t talk to many people," she says.

"It’s not that I’m ashamed, far from it - I’m not doing anything wrong." It’s a statement confirmed by the police officers in 24 Hours in Police Custody who discuss the fact that Kirie isn’t doing anything illegal: "What she does with her body is her own business" is how one of them puts it.

I love the fact that I can use my body to make money." Of course, Kirie is one of thousands of women in the UK earning an income from her silicone enhanced curves - but probably one of the only ones who is officially registered with Companies House, the government's company registration agency.

Her unconventional business came to light in the Channel 4 series 24 Hours in Police Custody, which screens tonight.

Of course, some people will still judge her for her unorthodox line of work, however much she gives to the taxman. "People can say what they want but I’m doing what makes me happy.

"There are people out there doing a lot worse than what happens in the back of my van." And what’s more she intends to carry on working for as long as she can.

As Sun Online revealed last week, Kirie - who says she is in her thirties - was unwittingly caught up in a blackmail scam when a serving police officer attempted to extort money from one of the punters who had visited her van while it was parked on an industrial estate in Luton.

The first Kirie knew of it was when a detective arrived at her home in Whitby, Yorkshire, to question her about her potential involvement.

"I get paid in cash, but everything I get paid goes in a book and at the end of the week I take it to my accountant and he works everything out." And while she won’t be drawn into exactly how much she makes, she confirms that she earns "a very healthy income".

She runs her own limited company and she pays VAT every quarter.

Every week she sends her books to her accountant to make sure all her tax affairs are in order.

Surprisingly given the dangers inherent in prostitution Kirie insists she’s never had any difficult encounters with her punters. "All the men have been respectful and never tried anything out of order." It helps that she has a degree of protection in the form of her male driver and business partner, who is sat just feet away whenever she meets clients, while the fact she works out of a van means that none of her customers know her home address. A lot of them are married – I can see their wedding rings but it’s not always what people think it is.

"A lot of the people I see are lonely, they just want company. "People in my line of work don’t want to get husbands to cheat on their wives – the way I see it, it’s up to the men what they choose to do." Besides, her punters are not the only ones who are married: six years ago Kirie got hitched to a man who doesn’t work in the sex industry.

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