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Bored already--the thought of another visit to her Grandmother’s wasn’t a good one--she turned up the radio. She rubbed herself on the outside of her jeans, teasing herself, to help with the boredom. A flicker of blue and red filled the rear view mirror. Her heart in the back of her throat, she slowed the car and pulled over to the side of the road. The tiny dirt road disappeared into the weeds and trees not twenty feet in front of her--it looked like it hadn’t been used in years. He was tall, with nice shoulders and a flat stomach. He carefully put on his hat, covering most of his dark, short hair in the process. Wanting him to see her chest, she unbuttoned her blouse further. The hood of a white car flashed by, most of the car hidden in the trees. The white and green police car pulled up behind her, the lights still flickering.

The road gently curved to the right, a long ribbon of black-grey asphalt twisting through the big trees. This one might cost her her license, and she couldn’t live without it. After maybe forty feet, she stopped and turned off the car. Seeing him climb out of the police car, she bit her lip as a little zing went through her body. He’d forget about the ticket and smile about it later.

“No, sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t.” She arched her back, so he could see her sweet cleavage. Without a word, he walked back to his car, his boots crunching in the gravel. And that one cop, well it had taken a bit more than talking, but it was still a ticket she didn’t get. After a forever, he climbed out of his car and walked back towards her.

It’s not a safe place to exceed the speed limit.” “I’m... License and registration, please.” She dug into her glove box, searching for it. Finally she found her registration, and handed it to him with her license. Thank God she’d talked her way out of at least three.

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