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The average tourist who rushes through the town on his way to the New Jersey seashore will probably not notice anything in particular.Perhaps he will make a remark about the exceptionally large number of well kept gardens with beautiful trees and shrubbery.The charter of the city bears the date March 16, 1858.

It was this combination of two phenomena, both typical of the United States in the midcentury, railroad expansion and anti-immigrant feelings, to which Egg Harbor City owed its existence.The first railroad station for the settlement-to-be was named Cedar Bridge.In their initial plans the promoters went completely overboard.The Association added a good number of additional enticing advantages, gifts and promises: trees would be planted along the streets, a park of almost 100 acres would be laid out, schools would be constructed: "in brief, every dollar that we receive will be spent again in the settlement and for the settlement." Here, he said, was for the Germans in America the chance to build a flourishing agricultural colony, a great commercial and industrial center and to preserve all the national qualities of the German element in a homogeneous Germanic population.German-Americans, living elsewhere in the United States, might consider a move to the new city.

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    He was an NFL champion with the 1963 Bears, and is a three-time Super Bowl champion, playing on the Cowboys Super Bowl VI team as well as winning as an assistant coach for the Cowboys in Super Bowl XII, and coaching the Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX.

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    Now a senior research statistician at a major healthcare organization, Collingridge has since researched and compiled his own method for validating survey questions, a strategy he shared in a Sage Publications article posted on Method Space.

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