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They are missing their affair partner and are feeling the effects of being cut off from the ‘high’ that the AP provided.

I believe this is the phase where most relapses occur.

Here are some common traits of this phase: – This is when the unfaithful who wants to reconcile starts to ‘get it’ and figure things out.

It’s obvious that the affair is truly over and they are doing their best to try and rebuild all that they have destroyed.

Additionally, it’s hard to say in all cases how long each phase will last.

Some folks will linger longer than others and some will even skip certain phases.

I’m sure that there are some things I omitted that might be appropriate in your situation, so feel free to add them and share your experiences below in the comment section.

They were stealthy in their ways and they thought they would never get caught. Regardless, this is when the post-affair-discovery metamorphosis begins.

– More commonly referred to as the withdrawal stage.

This is where the affair has ended by some means and the cheater is in a funk.

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