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This is the main page for the journal Latin America and its Diaspora.

This is an alternative name for the Opentext Journal of Latin American Studies OJLAS or OLAS (oh-las) Opentext Latin American Studies outside the "wiki" environment.

While, during the former period, the vast majority of migrants were Arab Christians, in recent decades they have generally belonged to various Muslim confessions.

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One important emerging topic in studies on Arab migration to Latin America from the beginning of the 21st century has been the global connectedness of the Arab migrant communities in different dimensions—social, communicative, economic, etc.—known in diaspora studies as the “transnational moment.” Nonetheless, most studies continue to take a national perspective on Arab communities because most statistical data is available only on the national level and because the question of national loyalty of the Arab population in Latin American countries has increased in relevance again due to the events of 9/11 and recent political instability and social unrest in Arab countries.OLAS is the Opentext, open collaborative editing (OCE) journal of Latin American studies, which is part of a family of journals - Journal of Peruvian Studies, Journal of Bolivian Studies, Journal of Quechua Studies, etcetera.Please note that only the Journal of Peruvian Studies is ready to accept articles.The automatic text produced by wikia also seems to expect a journal title to begin with Journal of.The journal Latin America and its Diaspora also accepts review articles.

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