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(There’s a good reason why these programs advise against dating in the first year of recovery, especially when you are dating a person who is also new to sobriety – if they slip, they can pull you down with them).

Just being around her new man made Claire feel beautiful and desirable again.

If you are afraid to be alone, you might be willing to part with something you value to keep someone in your life.

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It turned out that after decades of working herself half to death building her business, she realized she had a problem.

, large and small, sometimes without even thinking about them.

Fresh fruit or cheesecake, a walk around the block or catching up on your favorite sitcom; these decisions matter, but certain choices have the potential to cause real damage to your body, mind and spirit.

That advice was based on experience and she would have been wise to listen! Listen when people try to tell you that you are making a mistake, especially if you are hearing the same warnings and advice from more than one person. Don’t stick with a dark choice out of embarrassment or stubbornness – ditch the denial and get out as soon as your realize that you are in a situation that compromises your higher purpose.

The sooner you remove yourself from a deal with the dark, the sooner you can let the light back into your life!

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