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I definitely learn from the “girl power” attitude that Fiona and Holly J. AE: You’ve said before that you’re very different from Fiona — are there any ways in which you would say you’re similar?AC: Like Fiona, I can be a little bit dramatic and I also love fashion. AE: Which of Fiona’s storylines this season has been your favorite to film?AC: I loved to film the first few episodes of Season 10, the Bobby storyline that took place in New York.For some reason, those four episodes felt like we were shooting a movie.She recently talked to me about who she thinks Fiona should be with, fan responses to her most recent storyline, and what’s ahead for Fiona and Holly J. Readers on After have been torn over whether Fiona should be with Adam or Holly J.

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Furthermore, the comment mentioned above "I am dating Justin Kelly" is something he must have said jokingly.The Degrassi fame Munro Chambers is an established actor and his caliber in acting just can't be questioned.But here what we have focused on is, who is his current girlfriend and whether the rumor of his engagement with Annie Clark has any authenticity? Though the Degrassi Star, Munro Chambers, has been mentioned to have experienced a number of relationships previously, he is believed to be single now. However, rumors have been surfacing around that Munro is a gay, but no verification has been made.AC: We usually don’t find out what’s happening to our characters until we’re almost about to shoot it, so I wasn’t able to play her confusion very much beforehand.But Fiona is known for experimenting with new things so I can’t say I was shocked when I found out!

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