Are you intimidating to men quiz

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The sad thing is that I never have been pranked - I'm just absurdly suspicious that if someone attractive is talking to me it's probably out of pity or boredom or something like that.I have apparently missed out on some very blatant flirtation because of this. This always messes me up, but I've always been attracted to really smart/knowledgeable guys.It's not a form of trying to intimidate or impress, I usually am just very interested in the subject I'm talking about and want to share the knowledge with people.But I understand that's not how it comes across, so I try my best to tone it down.

Some guys think that it's okay to flex intelligence the same way you'd flex muscles to attract a girl.I have a hard time talking to guys I think are really, really cool. Talks a lot about women he's slept with/sex in a very casual manner.I know that shouldn't matter, but it just makes me feel like I couldn't measure up, or something? I don't find it intimidating so much as severely unattractive when guys go into 'all these bitches' mode and talk about their history like it's nothing.I can't really describe it but some men give off a vibe of veiled hostility - even when it seems they're being friendly. I don't find it intimidating but I know it's best to avoid wherever possible.The idea of men (or women for that matter) being judged on a scale of 1-10 seems bizarre to me though.

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