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If you are looking for more panels of the brunette's torture, you may be disappointed, as most of her punishment after the first sequence consists of being raped by the dwarves. I bought it years ago on VHS, so that should give you an idea of how old it is.

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Obviously, when Ross came back to her and tried to explain, even removing the tapes on her face, she did not take it kindly. For me, that's what sells the scene - she's sweating heavily and panting deeply.

Ross, though, was able to fend her off thanks to the tape over April's mouth, disabling her to draw any attention to her predicament. I wish I knew who created it, because it is quite impressive. The "Inquisicion" rack scene is one of the better mainstream rack scenes with full nudity.

Ross gave his word to April that he'd not be out for long before turning on some rock music to cover any possible noise April might be making. Mad Bob wrote: I can confirm that I've never done a torture wheel render, so the pic you were talking about is not mine. When she's stretched and her back is arched, its because the wheel is starting to lift her up.

As they were found on the 'net, I would not be surprised if you already have them. They deserve to be here as much as any other great GIMP artwork. I have an idea for a story where a girl shows up for a film shoot -- she'll be playing a spy.

So to you and anyone else sharing the Fumetti love, PLEASE, by all means, keep it up. They shoot a bunch of innocuous scenes to put her at ease, then tell her that there's one scene in every movie where the heroine is captured by the bad guys.

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