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The IEquatable part isn’t something for the Grid View, but to help us manage our custom object.This Interface has one method, Equals, which is used when comparing one object to another to determine if they are the same.The Grid View control is one of the great time savers of ASP. Sorting, paging, editing, deleting, and even AJAX (set Enable Sorting And Paging Callbacks to True) is included out of the box.The Object Data Source is the other half of the magic, connecting the Grid View to the data and managing any filter controls.Possible parameter sources are control, query, session or form values. If you want to bind it right away, you can force it with calling the Data Bind method.This can be useful in cases you need the data before showing the control (e.g.

To add an Object Data Source, drop it from the Toolbox on the Web page.

As with any other control you can change the layout by changing the correct properties.

Or you can use the , ...) each have their own set of properties to add style too, or you can make use of a CSS-class or a theme/skin and link it to the correct part.

Click the and a wizard will help you to choose a business object and define the data methods.

It might be needed to check out 'Show only data components' if you have written some code for the business layer yourself.

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