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Not everyone wants to or can drive themselves when the school bus stops coming.It is important for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families to understand the public transit system and paratransit services as well as other transportation options that are available.

Advance preparation for this change will benefit both the patient and the practitioner.Learn great strategies for what you can do now going forward.Getting one’s foot in the door and managing stressful situations at work, so the result isn’t termination or lack of promotion are some of the obstacles to successful employment.This session features a firsthand personal narrative from a woman on the autism spectrum, and gives an inside perspective on both the triumphs and heartbreaks of young adulthood.The potential for using principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach these skills, and challenges that may arise in doing so, will be addressed, as well as differences between males and females on the autism spectrum and challenges they may face as they encounter adolescence, puberty, and young adulthood.

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