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Knabenbauer brings it down to fifteen or twenty (Evang. 224, 274.) But this "infant" mentioned by Macrobius, is Antipater, the adult son of Herod, who, by command of the dying king was decapitated for having conspired against the life of his father. This cruel deed of Herod is not mentioned by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, although he relates quite a number of atrocities committed by the king during the last years of his reign.Nicholas (6 December) a boy-bishop was elected, who officiated on the feast of St. He wore a mitre and other pontifical insignia, sang the collect, preached, and gave the blessing.He sat in the bishop's chair whilst the choir-boys sang in the stalls of the canons.

The ruin of her people, led away to Babylon, is only a type of the ruin which menaces her children now, when the Messias is to be murdered and is compelled to flee from the midst of His own nation to escape from the sword of the apparitor. Both days taken together are collectively referred to as the Day of the Dead, and celebrations can begin as early as Halloween (Oct. In recent years, the tradition has spread into North America, particularly into communities with large Mexican and Latin American populations.Instead, people visit and repair graves of their dearly departed.On the octave day, and also when the feast falls on a Sunday, the Roman Liturgy, prescribes the red colour, the Gloria, and the Alleluia. A portion of these relics was transferred by Sixtus V to Santa Maria Maggiore (feast on 5 May; it is a semi-double). Justina at Padua, the cathedrals of Lisbon and Milan, and other churches also preserve bodies which they claim to be those of some of the Holy Innocents.In many churches in England, Germany, and France on the feast of St.

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