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Whether you want to go skiing in the Alps in winter, go hiking or mountain climbing in the summer or make an inspiring city holiday, Switzerland won’t let you down.

Get inspired by the picturesque Old Town of Zurich, find the secret of the Swiss watchmakers in Geneva, make a pilgrimage to the famous Jazz Festival Montreux or enjoy Mediterranean flair in Lugano at the southern rim of the Alps. Impossible, get as much as possible for your loved ones at home.

Explore with Austrian the diversity of Great Britain.

In England’s capital London, there is something for everybody, for art aficionados, shopping fans, party people and history buffs.

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is indisputably Europe’s capital of cool.

But there are also gems elsewhere, such as the Matisse and Chagall museums in Nice.

For a culinary experience, head to Lyon, the country’s acknowledged food capital.

But it is the old capital, Esfahan, that really steals the show.

It has two UNESCO world heritage sites – Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which is surrounded by historic buildings and attracts a host of picnickers on Friday evenings, and the Imam Mosque, which is beautifully decorated with the coloured tiles that are so typical of Esfahan.

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