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In January, Russia agreed to continue collaborating with OPEC in restricting oil output in 2018, a deal that Saudi Arabia's oil minister claimed would lead to "decades and generations" of co-operation.But the country's own natural gas reserves, which are vast, can only be tapped by pumping more crude oil, which works against its preferred strategy of being the world's swing producer of oil – selling into bull markets and holding back when prices are weak.But with China and India, Russia’s biggest markets, looking to move towards military self-sufficiency, Russia is with increasing urgency looking to open new markets.But that deal had several strings attached, namely a demand that the Kremlin could not sell the C-300 missile system to Iran, the Saudis’ major regional rivals.The Saudis have been accused for supporting anti-Russian insurgency – whether in mujahedeens against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, or Wahhabist Islamic groups in Chechnya and Dagestan.

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