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E - If the licence holder is the rider of a motorbike, it must be of restricted engine capacity as notified in writing by the Road Transport Authority to the holder.H - The license holder is an accredited hire car operator, does not provide for a ‘Q’ condition code.On 17 June 2014 the ACT Government launched the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program.For further information refer to the Some drivers and riders who have received a court imposed licence disqualification and have completed an approved alcohol and drug awareness course, may apply to the court for a restricted licence permitting them to drive during specific hours or for specific purposes, but these are only issued in very limited circumstances.T - The licence holder is an accredited taxi operator, .V - The licence holder must drive only a motor vehicle fitted with driver aids, or modified, as notified in writing by the Road Transport Authority to the holder.Provisional drivers, within the first 12 months, must not tow another vehicle unless it is a trailer with a GVM of 750kg or less.

In those jurisdictions, a ‘Q’ condition code is issued to temporary overseas visitors who apply for an Australian driver licence.

To obtain a full licence at this time you will need to attend an Access Canberra Service Centre with All drivers and riders returning to driving after a court imposed licence disqualification will need to complete an approved alcohol and drug awareness course before being eligible to be issued with a probationary licence.

Probationary licence holders must drive or ride with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of zero.

Access Canberra will attempt to contact you once the licence history has been received so you can return and get an ACT licence(if eligible).

Once received, these licence histories are only valid for one calendar month.

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