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He said he will only pay me on the remainder after the ,000.I thought it was optional if "I" wanted to charge GST before ,000.It is difficult to imagine the perpetration of a backdating scheme without the complicity—or at the very least dereliction of fiduciary duty—of a company’s general counsel.In addition to manipulating the documentation of stock option grants (the sine qua non of backdating), these general counsels often directly profited from the fraud through their own receipt of back-dated options.Rather, the practice of backdating stock option is a non-event in Canada due to the “Backdating has occurred – Research in Motion is an example – but it doesn’t tend to be a big issue in this country.

I also wonder what incentive your employer is offering you to go along with its request.Let’s say that the market price a week ago was .00, and you backdate the options to a week ago.What happens under our tax regime is when you go to cash in those options at .00, the .00 profit is now taxed as ordinary income and you don’t get the capital gains treatment or its equivalent.If you are not a member, you can find out more about joining STEP here.Non-members can subscribe to the STEP Journal and Trust Quarterly Review (TQR) - see subscribing details.

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