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Crucially, by greatly reducing Dance of Arrows’ cooldown, Wolf's Frenzy allows Lamb to constantly dart around the camp all while it whittles down multiple targets.Their movement isn’t just for show, though - repeated leaps with Dance of Arrows quickly builds up Wolf's Frenzy’s passive, which, in turn, tops up their health as they head from camp to camp.The ability is too mana-hungry to use on small monsters, but by applying it to hard-hitting and tanky beasts, Kindred can kite its targets a little easier and deal a chunk of percent max health damage once the ability hits max stacks.And once Kindred has purged their jungle, they’ll be ready to start hunting bigger prey.

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Mark of the Kindred is a powerful tool, and not just for the buff it grants Kindred when they butcher a marked target.

Kindred doesn’t gain vision of marked targets, but they do know that, by being marked, the camp at least , or at least where they may be headed, giving them the chance to plan their ganks or jungle routes accordingly.

The mark’s also visible to the enemy jungler, too, who suddenly has to decide between killing off the marked camp to deny Kindred passive stats, or ganking.

We’re almost ready to breathe life into League’s next champion, a marksman designed for a life in the jungle.

Kindred prowls through camps, marking enemy champions for death and permanently growing in strength if they’re able to carry out the promised sentence.

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