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Months ago an italian seller was solding an huge number of Vietnam era PWH made scabbards with no hooks advertised as WWII and posting just one tricky pic he screwed me too.Remington directed to divert from production 20,000 M1903A3 rifles for conversion to the U. After this block had been used to 4997045, receiver marking was changed to "03‑A4" and a new series of numbers begun with Z4000000.Guard marked M3s were made from November 1943 to July 1944, and would normally be only found in the M8 scabbard although some of the very early production MAY have been issued in the M6.

Easy to tell from the length of the hanger above the retaining strap.The changeover from the M3 knife to the M4 knife-bayonet and the change from the M8 to the M8A1 both occurred in July 1944 and the M4 should normally be found in the M8A1 scabbard. I have to agree that your set is about the earliest even possible, as Ordnance records show only 500 of the Bayonet-Knife, M4 having been delivered in July 1944 (the earliest accepted production).Keep in mind that a large number of M8A1 scabbards are marked M8 on the throat as the die was not changed for several months. The six square grooves are correct for a Camillus of that early date.Thanx, butch Gary, wouldn't it be possible that early production M4's be issued with an M8 scabbard as they both came out in the same month? It has a length of OD paarchute cord as a tie-down thong and has been sharpened. Where on an M8 Scabbard would the "BM CO" marking be found?I have a PAL M4 with a BMCO M8 and they "look" like they have been together for some time, as they are both in identical condition, but of course they is no way of determining that for sure. I have an M-4/M-8A1 set for which I know the exact date of issue. "Ike" Dye on -- the day before the Southern France invasion. Mine seems to be unmarked but for the "USM8" on the throat piece.

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