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Hapless, hopeless, a bit of a loser, Neil Mc Cormick is something of a departure from previous characters Barnes has played, from the swashbuckling Caspian to Easy Virtue's debonair John Whittaker and Stardust's wide-eyed Dunstan.

Then, of course, there's the suave and sophisticated Dorian Gray, a character Oscar Wilde described as "a young man of extraordinary personal beauty".

"I actually feel quite comfortable in that genre, which I don't think a lot of young British actors do.

Plus, I'm finally able to utilise my terrible dancing."Indeed, Barnes is either the worst dancer in the world, or he's very good at playing the role of an awful mover.

Tall and slim, with thick dark hair, a wide smile, a smattering of stubble and high cheekbones, he is a teen dream made real.

Most striking of all, his irises are so dark that they're indistinguishable from his pupils.

"So I was doing lots of different little impressions because that's sort of what I've grown up doing.

And you'd have thought that would be an obvious skill for an actor to have.An adaptation of music critic Neil Mc Cormick's memoir, I was Bono's Doppelgnger, Killing Bono follows the young Mc Cormick, played by Barnes, as he tries and fails to forge a career in music alongside his wide-eyed brother Ivan.The pair can only look on in horror, however, as their childhood friends Paul Hewson and David Evans - better known as Bono and the Edge - go on to become part of the biggest rock band on the planet."But for me, I don't think of myself as heroic or adventurous so those roles are the ones that scare me more, in a way.I think of myself more as a bit of a clown so I'd much rather have the pressure of making people laugh than of having people put me on some pedestal as somebody strong and heroic.

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