Benefits consolidating data centers

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However, the difference of scale also renders many previous economic and technical calculations moot.

For most companies, it's not economical to build a data backup site for each consolidated data center.

A centralized disaster recovery site would need to have storage on the floor for those applications in all production sites that require data replication.

If there were a need to use the facility for recovery purposes, and if server virtualization were not employed, it would be necessary to run servers equivalent to those in the affected site (with the concerns noted above) while continuing to receive and store replicated data from the other two sites.

For example, data centers originally designed for mainframe operations do not adapt well to large-scale implementation of blade servers, large Unix servers, concentrated storage and intense network activity.

The heat generated by the equipment is difficult to dissipate in an older data center, which typically has 12-foot ceilings.

Read how a data center consolidation strategy can benefit from ITIL lifecycle Learn about proper DR strategies for colocation data centers in this tutorial Get helpful tips on data center disaster recovery planning Many organizations have found that they have significant business requirements for recovery with little or no data loss.

Server and storage virtualization help with this, but if physical configurations are not comparable, a price will be paid in capacity.

Plus, the cabling throws heat that needs to be dissipated under the floor.

One approach is to design the consolidated data centers to back up one another.

Legacy data centers were designed for power loading of 35 to 45 watts per square foot, but keep in mind that highly concentrated equipment may draw up to 100 watts per square foot.

Many older data centers are laid out with a relatively large area for raised floor and less for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) equipment.

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