Best dating sim game ever

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I ended up enjoying Polly’s character because she was extremely funny and used obnoxious millennial lingo appropriately (speaking as someone who uses obnoxious millennial lingo).

However, in my subsequent playthroughs, I went after other characters just to see how I would enjoy the experience.

There is a sense of self awareness in the game’s writing that allows these typical high school archetypes to come into their own.

This is great considering you are going to have to invest time and effort to romance your character of choice. During my first playthrough I decided to romance Polly, a ghost who likes sex, drugs, and partying.

The game has charming characters, fun, well thought out dating sim mechanics, and multiple endings for those who want a fresh experience every time.

This where you can raise up your affection with the person you are trying to romance and raise your personal stats.

These interactions and stats are ultimately how you will win the heart of your monster crush.

So while all the players might go for different character, you may all try to go for the same character.

This leads vastly different scenarios at the end of multiple playthroughs.

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