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In the most likely scenario, Before fact-finding and discovery even took place, the company's legal council would more often than not just advise the company to offer the employee severance, and the employee would most likely take the severance.

This is because there wasn't anything that would be worth chasing (ie; punitive damages for the employee) for the amount of cost involved for either side.

Thank god that my firm is small enough to not hire a douche like you.

Not sure how it works in the US but in the UK sleeping with another employee which caused a fist fight in the middle of the office is pretty good grounds for bringing the company into disrupted is there is literally anything you did wrong.

Associate was fired promptly on the spot by a partner(he was about to be asked to find a job that fits him better anyway).

Intern acted as if nothing happened, went home at 5PM. However, she came back at 11'o clock at night, packed her stuff up, left her laptop and her resignation letter in front of partner's office.

He can insert his opinion, regardless what he have said is true or not.

Everything I'm explaining here is from a couple of masters classes I've taken.Yeah they would have to do a formal investigation which would be documented to cover their backs but all they need is a bunch of witnesses saying "they argued" and they will say you made the situation worse. If you fight him back and end up injuring the others, then you are also liable for his damage as you can't practice "stand on your own ground" law.Since this incident happened at work, he can't have any grounds to defend- he is just on his own.Associate slept with 21-year-old intern who already has FIANCE.Fiance came to her work, had fist-fight with associate then went off jail.

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