Bluetooth gay dating men dating age equation

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Both tose industries are gargantuan and measure their global turnover in the US$ billions.

Internet dating is now seriously mainstream as the roughly 30% of the world's adult population who are single attempt to find a compatible partner and have flocked to the safety and anonymity of the internet.

Then you go out walking/clubbing/shopping and if a compatible partner comes within Bluetooth distance (about 15 metres), your phone rings and the pic and message of the nearby "match" person pops up on your phone and vice verca (i.e your pic and message pops up on theirs).We figure that unless there's a significant uptake in the singles community in specific locations, the idea might just fizzle out.If you wander around your town for the next six months and don't find a match with anyone who fits the profile you're seeking, you'll probably turn it off, uninstall it, or not bother to install the software next time you upgrade your handset (the "life" of a mobile phone before upgrading to a new model continues to reduce in most countries as new and better handsets with more functionality becomes available).Who knows, for office workers in big cities, it may even be possible to set up a Bluetooth-enabled base station in a shopfront outside a subway station or a busy downtown mall and scan the crowd for potential partners.As the service has only just launched, the biggest problem will be driving the installed base to critical mass.

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