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That’s AC COMICS JUNE 2018 PREVIEWS FOR AUGUST 2018 SHIP Company Name: AC Comics Address: P. Box 394 Plymouth, Florida 32768-0394 Phone Number:(407)767-0199 Email Address: [email protected]: Men of Mystery Frequency: Quarterly Issue/Number 109 UPC Code: 64924192603010911 Retail Price: .95 Discount: Maximum Discount 50% Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″ Page Count: 140 pages Color: Black and White (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: Action/adventure/superhero/history- Golden Age reprints of 1940’s comic book stories Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: August 28, 2018 Writers: Bill Woolfolk, Joe Millard, Dave Wood, Ed Cronin, Jack Cole, Will Eisner, Toni Blum and others uncredited Artists: Lou Fine, Reed Crandall, Klaus Nordling, Jack Cole, Paul Gustavson, Vernon Henkel, Art Pinajian, Chuck Cuidera, Dick Dillin, John Spranger, H. Kiefer, Dan Zolnerowich, Sheldon Moldoff, Max Elkan, Rafael Astarita and others uncredited Synopsis: Another all-QUALITY COMICS issue starring DOLLMAN, The RAY, JESTER, MIDNIGHT, KID ETERNITY, INVISIBLE JUSTICE, LADY LUCK and MOM first-timers MAGNO and BLAZE BARTON!Art by Lou Fine, Reed Crandall, Jack Cole, Sheldon Moldoff, Dan Zolnerowich, John Spranger and others on 18 previously-unreprinted stories from comics’ Golden Age.This issue highlights EVERYBODY, from the heavy hitters like Dick Ayers on “No Time Like The Future”, Bill Everett on “Vampire Beware” and Ogden Whitney on “The Unexpected” to genre favorites like Matt Fox on “Beelzebub”, Paul Reinman on “The Man Who Didn’t Belong”, the the suprising like Fred Kida on “The Fingerprint”, Maurice Whitman on “Trumpet Of The Valkyries” and Pete Riss on “Deathless Mortal” , to the obscure; including Al Wenzel on “The Flaming Phantom”; Paul Cooper on “Spectres of the Dam” and Bob Mc Carty on “When Sorcerers Meet”.

Special Notes: None As the country celebrates Independence Day this July, Femforce #183 marks a special tribute to FF leader MS. Noah” ( started in Femforce #182) concludes in a barn-burner of a battle written and laid out by Bill Black with finished art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin, followed by “Bang For Your Buck” wherin MS.Awesome ink finishes on this gripping saga provided by Jeff Austin.Then, the surprise hit of FF #181, the classic action heroine from yesteryear, NYOKA The JUNGLE GIRL is back in a previously-unpublished cliffhanger (guest-starring onetime FF member The BLOND BOMBER )originally written and drawn years ago, “Sting Of The Hooded Serpent”; script by Bill Black, pencils by Larry Nadolsky, and inks by Jeff Austin.V must contend with mysterious missiles armed with deadly Element X, the evil Dr.Sasha AND a callback to days fighting in the 1970’s; written by Mark Holmes with art by the Italian sensation Paolo Bodini; and finally “To Serve Many”- MS.

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