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As we spoke to the tailgaters, we realized that more of their friends and girlfriends had arrived and that we were kind of in their little party.They didn't mind that we hung out with them, they actually cooked us a few hot dogs on the grill, which by the way saved us some good cash that we would have spent at a restaurant.Though they are pricey, there is some pretty cool stuff you can find.You will also be astonished by the amount of big eighteen wheelers parked outside the grandstands, all souvenir shops.The previous day, check at your favourite driver's souvenir truck for the time he will be present to sign autographs.Get in line and you should have no problem getting an autograph.6.You can also use your scanner to listen to the radio broadcast, so it's like sitting in your living room again with analysts guiding you through the race. If you didn't have the chance to get an autograph and meet your favourite driver, then be sure to stick around for the driver introductions.

And the prices are actually cheap; I bought myself a wonderful Jeff Gordon hat for , where I would have paid to for the same hat at Wal-Mart. I guess it's because everyone is at the same place for the same reason, but everyone seems so nice at a NASCAR race.

"Clear, clear all around."If you don't understand what the title for No.

6 is, it is a phrase used very often by spotters to tell their drivers that there are no cars beside them.

This is another good chance to get to see your favourite drivers up close.

Drivers get interviewed by the SPEED crew all the time. At every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event, there are other races that lead up to the big show.

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