Boyfriend has active online dating profile

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She is just checking up on you dude, means nothing but to fuel her curiosity.

It is kind of the same as checking your facebook page or myspace exact same thing, it does mean she has not totally let you go and moved on though but don't get too excited.

But before we were exclusive, she told me she had a Po F profile.

She just never updated her profile, because in the "about me part" it still says college student, but she's a college graduate now.

Just saying this because I am one of several girls in my family and one of the younger ones used the information she knew about one of the older ones to get a driver's license with her picture but the older sister's age and name.sorry to the OP but don't expect an honest answer & it's best to ask her in person to see her reaction. They damn near popped out of her head & I thought she was going to swallow her tounge when I confronted her. When I asked my STBXW about the pictures I found of her with another man's arms around her & with her & him at a formal affair...lied her arse off then continued cheating on me until I had proof. Honestly, she's on a dateing site updateing her picture. But we also know she will probably lie to him until her ducks are all in a row.My STBXW would talk about OUR future & the things we would do while we were in MC & OM was supposidly history. I honestly cannot think of a good reason as to why she would be updateing her profile on a dateing site while she is supposidly in a relationship.Well in one month she will be 22, but I know what you mean. My gf has "single" on her facebook and profile on Po F looking for friends, but she tells all her friends about me and introduces me to her real life friends as her boyfriend.I mentioned to her before that when I was 21, I wasn't ready to settle down with anyone. Well she has "In relationship status" with a link to my facebook page.

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    She is just checking up on you dude, means nothing but to fuel her curiosity.

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