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But we know at least about 500-600 have married [through the site], and we estimate the total number to be considerably more.

In the meantime, we have websites in nine other languages — [for example] Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovakian, and also in Portuguese, which is very funny because then it could also conquer the market in Brazil. They see, say, five profiles of nice people, and they are happy to at least stay in the battle [to find a holy spouse].

Then at least 300 personal emails saying, “Thank you” arrived in the next five years.

We have, of course, no notice [that comes to us directly through the site] about anyone who found their wife or husband through the site, but many of them sent a photo of themselves.

When you are 25, perhaps you think you don’t want to marry tomorrow and then you don’t go to such a site, but why not? We started in 2005, and I think we have about 1,000 marriages.

I can’t tell you exactly, because people aren’t obliged to say.

So we have a kind of immunity against this kind of bad phenomenon.

This is really important to underline because there are some Jewish sites which, as far as I know, are very strict.

so it’s also a matter of the denomination, not just Christian, but Catholic.

What we said was: “Okay, to be a member, they have to pay 50 euro a year, and they get the right to use all the tools.

He’s Catholic — he’s got these interests, convictions.” You can know he’s Catholic, or at least a committed Christian, so this is very common ground which already exists before you choose if the photo is nice or not.

Then you have a very good chance — 99% are really honest — because someone who goes to a Catholic site should be more or less honest, which is not so clear on the internet [overall] but on our site is very good. Is it possible to meet someone whom you later fall in love with at a soccer game or at a swimming pool or in the doctors’ waiting room? The internet is not in itself a bad thing, and young people spend at least 30% of their free time on the internet. It would be ridiculous to say it’s not more natural.

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