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Vous utilisez actuellement la version Flash du chat : elle comprend toutes les fonctionnalités et est optimisée.Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait de la façon dont fonctionne Flash Player sur votre ordinateur, essayer la version HTML-5 du site en appuyant sur l’interrupteur à bascule. Everyone who knew the couple – who I'll call Blair and Nelle – was baffled. I tried not to take sides: Even though I let Blair crash on my couch for a while, I vowed to stay friends with Nelle, too. But the Saturday after the breakup, as a few of us sat around over drinks, my pal Tom quietly did the unthinkable.He kicked Nelle out of our 20-member Facebook Messenger chat. One friend lifted his phone up and pointed the screen at Tom, agasp.But with ever-present, real-time conversations increasingly dictating our social lives, awkward questions arise: Who gets to be a part? Over the past almost-decade, group chats on Facebook, Whats App and Google Hangouts have become woven into our social fabric.A recent Facebook survey of 12,500 people found that 59 per cent of people use its message service, an increase from two years ago, with 65 per cent of participants saying that "messaging has made group communication easier." Neither Facebook nor Google were willing to reveal the quantity of group chats they currently host, but in 2014, when Facebook acquired Whats App, a spokesperson said the messaging program had already hosted a billion group chats.

Subjects kept shifting the focus to more private exclusion: specifically, being left out of group chats.

Some days my phone buzzes with messages from four or more groups, including one that was ostensibly set up to plan an annual guys' trip, but is mostly used for bad jokes – even though there's another group with the exact same members dedicated purely to goofing off.

I wasn't invited into that last one until a few months ago, but I knew about it from my friends' in-person allusions and in-jokes, and I harboured a simmering resentment at being left out. "Especially among younger women, if they perceive they're being excluded from an online or mobile conversation, their interpersonal, in-person interactions are impacted because they're questioning their own social standing within the group," she says.

"Participants were basically telling me I was asking the wrong questions," says Hayes, who is now building on her exploratory research to learn more about how group chats affect interpersonal processes.

The aforementioned chat is among a few I check every day.

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