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The drawing table is buried beneath her charcoal-and-pencil sketches; a magazine featuring R. Her dog’s collar jangles incessantly until she locks him in the bedroom, which, from what I can gather, is the only other room in the house.\n Ashley Blue, whose real name is Oriana Small, is as physically un-porn-star-like as one can imagine: small, un-made-up, un-cosmetically-altered, and, for a man like myself on forty milligrams of Prozac a day, depressingly happy.It seems to me she should be more miserable, more guilt-ridden, and so it takes me a while to tell her why I am there: to admit that I watched a Max Hardcore scene, and that it did it for me.\n Ashley laughs and tells me that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.Those are locked away in your imagination, where you hide the fantasies your parents, your priest, and public decency have forced you to repress.If you still want to fuck a whirring bucket of matzo-ball soup, go for it.) and says, "Thanks for coming." I can’t help cringing and wishing that the first sentence Max Hardcore said to me hadn’t contained the word "coming." And that he hadn’t said it quite so loudly.\n We find an empty bench and sit down. The den doubles as her studio—she gives ever more time to painting since reining in her porn career.

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In this shot, Layla’s makeup is smeared across her face, her legs are spread, and Max’s hand is inside her pussy.\n\n When I arrive at the prison early the next morning, Max meets me in the prison’s busy visitation room. My guilt, at least, makes me better than him.\n Paul shrugs and sighs.\n"Sure," he says.\n"Really? Then we’re going to do some anal, then I’m going to fist you. "I’m not Khan Tusion."\n Khan Tusion is the notorious porno director of a series of films called They are extraordinarily violent. I try to picture him violating someone I love.\n"I’m playing a character," says Paul. She woke up a few seconds later.\n"He’s more of a monster," she says.

So why can’t we shake the feeling that jerk-off gadgets belong only in the dark, deviant corners of the Internet? After my time with the Pulse II was all done, I paused a moment, then threw it into the garbage.

There was no hesitation before I chucked the 9 Autoblow 2 .

It says you have way too much, well, something on your hands.

Listen, new levels of satisfaction don’t come in a canister.

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