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For example- you can still roll on an epic flying mount if it drops in a dungeon (Skadi the Ruthless drops a Blue proto on heroic) even if you do not have the required skill. I too got my Green Proto-Drake on my third egg, after having previously opened some Aged Egg Yolks, and a Cobra Hatchling.

I wonder if this is a common trend - opening this mount on the third egg, that is?

The egg hatches after seven days, and this is one of the possible rewards. I went to open my egg today and there it is, the Reins again (which I got last week) and it says right on the item "Already known". Stopping just a moment while landing and the last thing you hear is a murloc song before you're pewpewed.

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I went to the Daralan flight master and quickly hopped on. I'm the most unlucky guy in the world so that explains it all, but is there a chance that the more you open, the higher chance of a Green Drake dropping?

I think it's unfair to downrate the people above's comments, when they're really happy and just want to spread their joy and some optimism, because if you keep on getting these eggs (although I know they do take a while to hatch) eventually you may get lucky.

Don't lose hope, and please respect the time and effort of others by not downrating their comments because of jealousy.

First egg I got the Cobra hatchling, second egg is up in 7 hours, hopefuly the mount : X wish me luck Edit: I also heard, that if you do not open the egg within 30 seconds of it hatching, you don't receive anything.

Oracles have no repeatable quests, and you get 1700 rep per day if you do all the dailies everyday (there are only three, it literally takes minutes). It may seem like its very likely because everyone is posting about how they got it but its not really that likely, if everyone who didnt get it posted saying then there would be like 50 pages of comments just saying they didnt get it Sorry dude. I Thought it was ultra-rare but apparently like 10 other people have it on my server, i was arguing with this dude in trade about who has the coolest mount, and he was like "I bet you yours isn't green" and w/ out warning we both linked our drakes lol.

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