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Published by Songs Music Publishing LLC o/b/o Ram Island Songs (ASCAP), Horse The Band (ASCAP). In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people spends money to support a business, and in return the business makes an improvement that people care about. We’ve had more than 250 campaigns in over 20 countries around the world.

He is great, but unfortunately he is not currently available for your project, so don't bother emailing us to ask for an intro. Written by Erik Engstrom, David Isen, Nathan Winneke, Chris Prophet, Dashiell Arkenstone.

Vince vows to never play kickball again, and becomes a lonely shut-in obsessed with his "glory days" of the previous months. is the first victim of the Box, and discovers its power when it completely shatters his spirit and makes him into Ms. A dirt-clod fight among the whole school takes a turn for the serious when Randall claims that Spinelli threw a rock at him, which violates the "rules of war." King Bob demands a trial, with Gretchen forced into the role of prosecutor (via her intelligence) and T. A lengthy rainstorm leads to the dreaded indoor recess, complete with a box of old board games, puzzles with missing pieces, and Randall calling a game of Bingo.

The Gang decides to use one of Gretchen's experiments to bring back Vince's confidence and skill. is captured by the kindergarteners, depicted as wild "savages" with their own society and rules. Finster, angry that her rules seem to be ineffective, devises a new punishment for children: "The Box," a square of chalk drawn on the ground (similar to solitary confinement). Finster's subservient "good boy." With help from Gretchen's Freudian knowledge, the Gang tries to get T. The Gang is sure that they'll survive--until Butch tells them the story of a class of kids who, after five days of being cooped up, became the "Zombie Class of '89" (which Miss Finster proudly confirms).

Gretchen doesn't want to go, as she'll be separated from her friends, so the Gang hatches a plan to have her act stupid during a placement interview to trick the panel.

On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

NOTE: Some versions of this episode (specifically those in other countries) replace the part where Ashley Q kicks the kickball all the way to China with a recycled shot of Vince's kickball landing in a Dumpster to make it look like Ashley Q kicked it there. As he spends time among them, he gradually regresses to a kindergarten mindset. Now the group must avoid the same fate--even if it means braving Mother Nature herself to do it. Grotke's class who decides to collect cans for the annual Can Drive after the other kids drop out, not wanting to lose against the Ashleys again; this eventually results in a massive rivalry escalating between the classes over who collects the most cans.

Meanwhile, the Gang, led by Vince, go on a search and rescue mission to find T. When Principal Prickly discovers that Mikey sings like Robert Goulet (who portrays Mikey's singing voice), he has a beautiful, young music teacher named Miss.

Her tough reputation is soon in tatters as everyone calls her a "Mama's girl," and the bullying becomes so bad that she refuses to go to school ever again.

The rest of the Gang tries to restore her confidence, with help from Miss Grotke, who refuses to tolerate bullies. forgets "Purple Day" (a holiday that commemorates the day the Ashleys first met), the other girls kick her out of their group. befriends Gretchen, who's been neglected by the Gang lately; the two actually develop a positive relationship, which makes both the Gang and the other Ashleys upset.

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