Christian podcasts on dating

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The focus is not on the rules but on the kind of people we want to be.As we journey through this sensitive topic, we need to be kind to ourselves & take care if any concerns are raised.

Our agenda is to build Disciples of Christ & in that provide perspectives that we believe to have Biblical, Theological and Cultural Integrity.Instead of setting fences or walls in place to define sexual boundaries, digging a deep spiritual well helps us build healthy sexual ethics.So, rather than working hard at setting rules & trying to stick to them, the other option is to grow as disciples of Jesus in our character and ethics.People who look for a sexual ethic from their faith, rather than in pop-psychology, or what they first heard in the ‘school-yard’ are looking in the right place – but I wonder how well equipped the churches are to give advice on the subject.Christianity’s two great legacies of the twentieth century have been predatory abuses of power, and the exclusion and repression of people who are ‘different’. We have to grow up, and become people who do deserve that trust, ‘if not us, who?

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