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- the first successful glass company west of the Rockies - which operated under that name from 1862 to 1876 (Toulouse 1971). Julian Toulouse and is one of the better quick summaries on the subject of maker's marks pertinent to the goals of this website. Toulouse wrote his book from the perspective of assisting collector's as well as archaeologist's as implied in the following quote.): Trademarks, whether registered or not, brand names, and other marks and symbols of identification found on bottles are datum points in determining the history and ages of the collectors' bottles.When the owner of the mark is known, and when more exact dates can be assigned to its use, the mark becomes a means of dating the piece upon which is appears.The Vendo company survived wartime restrictions during World War II that were devastating to many other industries because the U. War Department declared soft drinks as "essential to soldier morale".Vendo was authorized to produce 5000 "Red Tops" for military training camps and war plants.Some of Vendo's most popular machines were made during this decade, including the V-39.Vending machines also started to sell multiple products such as packaged snacks, coffee, milk and ice cream.During the 1950's, the vending industry soared to new heights.

Their machines are popular with collectors, including the C-27 model from the late 1940s and the C-102, which dispensed soda from two sides.

Just remember that you usually don't get full value for collectibles when you sell on e Bay.

You could also try a vintage vending machine forum such as Cola Machines.

One of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of Coca-Cola vending machines is the Vendo company. Pierson bought a patent for a simple, reliable vending lid.

Vendo was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1937. The lid was designed to lock on top of the Westinghouse and Frigidaire chest coolers that many grocery stores and gas stations used to chill sodas that they would sell on the honor system, where customers would grab a soda and pay at the counter.

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