Consolidating databases best practices

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Accurate, reliable and timely information is vital to effective decision-making in almost every aspect of human and business behavior.When covering state and local governments, most state and city websites had an open data portal.As consumers, we expect that the products and services we purchase are of the highest quality standards and that our private information is held securely.Accurate, reliable and consistent data is imperative for these expectations to be achieved.According to Business Dictionary, data integrity is defined as:“The accuracy and consistency of stored data, indicated by an absence of any alteration in data between two updates of a data record.

In the business sector, it is becoming increasingly common – some might even say essential – to extract and analyze minutely detailed information about customer behavior.You can’t tell whether the data stored on the computer today will be the same following a crash, installation or other major system event – all three types of consistency must work together.Businesses rely on data for all aspects of business, financials, operations, compliance, quality, profitability and productivity.If not, our i Dashboards Data Integrator helps automate this cleanup process – giving you the ability to consolidate data from multiple locations in diverse formats, and transform it into a useful data set without the need for programming.With over 20 years of IT and software experience, Jonathan has worked for both publically and privately held companies.

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