Consolidating email addresses outlook

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(If you already have at least one account set up, then tap the Menu icon, Settings, and tap Add Account). If necessary, edit the POP server field so it matches the same POP3 server name you used on your desktop computer, and check the other settings to make sure they are correct, then tap Next, as pictured below.

On the Synchronize Accounts screen, tap Other, then enter your POP3 account’s Email address and Password and click Manual setup. The installation routine will then test your incoming server settings, and if they are working properly, the next screen will request your outgoing server information.

However, links on the Activities tab to items other than contacts, such as tasks and appointments, will not be copied.

Whenever Outlook updates the data in a contact, a copy of the original contact is stored in the Deleted Items folder.

If you want to copy this information, you must do so manually.

Unfortunately, once you have duplicate contacts in your contact folders, there is no automated process to remove them.If you have a large number of duplicate contacts, deleting the duplicates one by one can be tedious and time-consuming.The fastest way to delete a large number of duplicate contacts is to export them to a file, then import them into a new folder.I have 2 IMAP accounts under one profile, and Exchange in another profile.How can I get back to just opening Outlook and seeing all 3 email address and their folders on the left side of the window?

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