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I have much pleasure in submitting our report, Yours sincerely, JOHN NEWSOM (Chairman) The Rt Hon Sir Edward CG Boyle, Bart, MP Mr JH Newsom CBE (Chairman), Joint Managing Director, Longmans Green and Co Ltd.(formerly County Education Officer, Herts) Mr RH Adams, Principal, Kingswood Training and Classifying Schools, Bristol Miss C Avent, Careers Advisory Officer, LCC Youth Employment Service Mr DB Bartlett, Chief Education Officer, Southend-on-Sea Mr SW Buglass, Youth Training Officer, Imperial Chemical Industries Alderman SM Caffyn CBE, Chairman, Education Committee, Eastbourne; Chairman of Council of the University of Sussex Mr AB Clegg, Chief Education Officer, West Riding of Yorkshire Professor BA Fletcher, Director, The Institute of Education, Leeds University Mr FD Flower MBE, Principal, Kingsway Day College, London Dr H Frazer, Headmaster, Gateway School, Leicester Mr AJN Fuller, Headmaster, Oldborough Manor County Secondary School, Maidstone Miss MG Green, Headmistress, Kidbrooke School, London The Rev HW Hinds, Rector of St Peter, Walworth, London Mrs AJ Hirst, Staff Relations Manager, J Lyons and Co.We who are professionally and constitutionally concerned with the work of the schools cannot hope to discover the true needs of these pupils, and the best means of meeting them, without the backing of widely informed public opinion.We therefore owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr John Newsom and his colleagues on the Council for the skill and care with which they have defined the problem, and so admirably prepared the ground for what I hope will be a general raising of sights in our attitudes towards these pupils.

We maintain that during the whole secondary period the full-time education of pupils should be either in school or based on a school, despite the fact that we consider it important that the older pupils should have experience outside its confines.The demonstrable improvements of the past decade have happened despite the fact that it is only in the last few years that the majority of the schools have been provided with the buildings, equipment and teaching strength to cope with the situation and even now, as our survey has shown, there are gross deficiencies still to be made up.We agree with the first chairman of the Central Advisory Council, Sir Fred Clark, who said that only after a diagnostic twenty years would it be possible to decide whether a particular structure of secondary education was likely to be beneficial.We cannot stress too strongly that the solution to these problems is not necessarily to be found by a reorganisation of the present pattern of secondary education.However large or small the school, whether it is one-sex or co-educational, however wide its range of intellectual ability, the problems peculiar to the pupils we have been considering still remain to be solved.

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