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Assets Controlling interest in publicly help Mitchell Energy and Development, an independent gas producer and real estate developer in Houston and Galveston.

Mitchell built North Houston’s 25,000 acre Woodlands.

Plans to keep hand in hotel business “until I get kicked out, I guess.” • George Phydias Mitchell Houston • Oil and Gas • 73 0 million, DOWN million from 1991.

Shrinking exploration and production leads to office closings and pushes Mitchell Energy and Development stock down.

Assets Compu Add, a personal computer manufacturer recently reorganized by Hayden into three separate companies to speed up market response: “It was more fun when it was small.” That’s Life Bought PCs from Michael Dell’s dorm-room computer store while Dell bought peripherals from Hayden’s Chevette trunk: “We became competitors, and that was the last time we talked.

It was about 1984.” Workaholic; runs to relieve stress; teaches Sunday school.

Lee holds family’s oil, ranching, and political reins; recently set Vale, Colorado, record by paying .25 million for mountain mansion. • Robert Henry Dedman Dallas • Private Clubs • 66 0 million. Hunt said of him, “He’s the only person who, while playing tennis, will get your ears tired before your legs.” Built Club Corp by purchasing mismanaged private clubs and drawing new members by adding facilities. Assets Oil and gas inherited from their father, legendary oilman H. That’s Life Half of the prolific Hunt’s first brood; brothers Bunker and Herbert kissed fortune good-bye in eighties with attempt to corner silver market.

Sluggish personal computer sales and new competitors take their toll.• Albert Billy Alkek Houston • Oil and Gas • 82 0 million, UP million from 1991. Assets A blue-chip stock-and-bond portfolio (courtesy of healthy oil and gas interests) and numerous Texas ranches.That’s Life Generous philanthropist; contributions have led to at least twelve eponymous buildings: “What can you do with money: Can’t wear but one suit.” Believes “doing good” brings good luck—and it has.• Henry Ross Perot Dallas • Data Processing Systems • 62 .25 billion, UP 0 million from 1991. Assets Subtract million spend on his presidential bid—but he’ll earn it back in interest in less than a month.He made his first billion (give or take a few hundred million) by taking Electronic Data Systems, the company he founded, public in 1968; his second billion by selling out to General Motors for cash and stock in 1984; his third billion, following a nasty spat with GM, when he sold the stock back to the company. left most of his estate to a foundation; in 1979, Robert Moody gained control by buying the foundation’s 51 percent of Moody National Bank.

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