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At a time when too many of us are busy navel-gazing, this man isn't just upsetting presidents or making dreamscape short films or showing up in the front row - he's challenging himself, and challenging our expectations.

He wants to work with visual artists, to collaborate with country singers, to intern with clothing designers, to write love letters to Rolex.

I nearly dragged the detective from the livery rig, addressing him as charley, and we made a rough ado over each other.

The initial load consisted in the usual implements of eating, sitting, and sleeping.He wants to wear shutter shades and Pharaoh chains and a mullet - he wants to do the things that even the most outspoken of hip-hop stars would never think to do.Yeah, all the tweeting and the gazing at his own navel can be a little much sometimes (Stephen Marche's new column says as much), but Kanye is to us what so many other icons refuse to be anymore: an evolving ideal, a man who moves with the times, and moves them forward.Riding down the farther slope, we reached our camp in time for a late breakfast, the fifteenmile ride having whetted our appetites.Three men were on herd, and sending two more with instructions to water the cattle an hour before noon, tussler and i sought the shade of the wagon and fell asleep.

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