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When you look on Craigslist Denver, Craigslist Los Angeles, Craigslist Seattle, Craigslist Portland, Craigslist Boulder, Craigslist Eugene, Craigslist Ann Arbor—or most any major Craigslist website in a state with legal recreational and/or medical marijuana. “Are you tired of getting burned with low quality marijuana and extracts?

I have extra super clean organic marijuana, wax and shatter for donation,” is how one Craigslist marijuana ad reads.

And here’s the Portland, Oregon Craigslist search results for weed.

And it’s not just people selling bud, bubblehash, errl, BHO…it’s people selling marijuana seeds, clones, hydroponics gear, grow stores, grow ops, marijuana soil, marijuana books, grow warehouses, outdoor marijuana growing acreage, hydroponics nutrients, marijuana videos, marijuana containers, marijuana licenses, marijuana delivery, marijuana grow lights, marijuana containers. As with almost any online person-to-person transaction these days, you do well to be ultra-cautious.

I contacted a Craigslist grower who wanted me to meet him at a gas station, give him the money, and then he would come back with the ounce.

On another occasion, a cannabis seller said he’d meet me at a specific address.

When I go out to purchase marijuana, I pack heat and know how to use it. He was a college football player—a 240 pound offensive lineman.

Just having him there increases my creds and my safety.

All of my bud is grown with amended soil and fed only molasses and compost tea.Craigslist used to be a lot more chill than it is now.Scammers have taken over, especially in the dating section. Craigslist is full of marijuana advertisements, and some of them are legit.My wax is produced with medical grade butane and it’s all vacuum purged at maximum of 120F and for at least 48 hours to ensure a clean butane free product that has a perfect honeycomb consistency, very clean and tasty.My shatter is all vacuum purged for 48 hours and held under 100F to ensure the perfect honey oil color and taste.

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